Firstly I want to acknowledge Andrew Chong’s work as Chair over last 4+ months. There lots of things needed doing by the Chair that residents don’t see, but those efforts handle issues and keep the basics moving. Even though I am the only first-time member and despite having significant work and life commitments myself, I felt that rotating chairs is not conducive to continuity and effectiveness, so I will take it on until the end of this CoM’s time - this was unanimously supported by CoM members.

As CoM members, we are all volunteers and have work/family commitments too, and taking this on has personal impacts so I have expectations of the CoM, MICM, MBM & also our community:

  • Chief among these are that everyone shows respect and understanding. Kindness to others and understanding other’s opinions are not hard. Equally, accepting that our own views are not the only valid ones is also important;
  • Andrew C has graciously offered to be Vice-Chair to share his experience and lighten the load. The other CoM members also understand they need to provide more support via sub-committees and other tasks;
  • We must finalise and publish a clear prioritised CoM plan based on maintenance schedules and the long-term maintenance plan. This should support year-on-year focus and manage expectations of what may be achieved;
  • Acceptance of the focus of CoM plan - everyone has their own views about what is “right”, but there are only so many hours in the day, money in the budget, solutions that balance competing demands and experts to listen to. 
  • Willsmere votes in a representative CoM, and there needs to be acceptance that CoM must make decisions on the communities’s behalf - we will of course still seek to both understand community ideas and sentiment and of course for items under the OC Act, formal processes and approval;
  • Expecting more active and timely work from our contractors, primarily MICM and MBM.

On to the current focus

  • Petar is retiring on 30 November to permit recruitment and induction of new building manager. On behalf of our community, the CoM offers our sincere thanks and appreciation for his work in sometimes difficult circumstances.
  • Pool update: The heating is now on to take the chill off. For the pool surrounds and as a low cost immediate solution, surface smoothing works are soon to commence. We have had some difficulty sourcing quotes for the rubberised surfacing, but will continue to pursue and if the smoothing works do not perform as well as expected that may be applied. We have sought further advice on decking installation, and that has identified some technical issues associated with securing the planks and minimising debris build-up. This is still a good long term option and that will continue to be pursued.
  • Playground design: this has been slow to start, but myself, Yenny Huber, Pablo Montanes and Iryna Hieits will form a core small team to engage our younger humans on what playground(s) could look like. This is children-led and will give us a basis of scoping sites and costs. Progressing to any purchase or work would then come out formally to the community.
  • Observers at CoM quarterly meetings. The quarterly in-person meetings will be open for observers, the next being in October on a date to be advised. A process will also be advised for lot-owners via IQPortal - this will include expectations of observers and the CoM
  • Long term electricity supply hardening. As discussed at the recent hot water unit (HWU) forum, we need to have a longer term solution for power supply that allows for greater use of electricity (induction cooktops, instantaneous hot water, solar systems, etc). We have a supplier providing a very rough estimate so we have a ball-park $ figure. We will then ask the company doing the long-term maintenance plan to scope more accurate design and costings .
  • On the HWU safety and compliance issue, MICM continues negotiating with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) and Energy Safe Victoria (ESV). As we know further information it will be shared.
  • Townhouse roofs. The remaining 5 roofs will be cleaned, whilst repairs to 3 will occur in next weeks.
  • Gates. As you may have noticed, there have been issues with Gate 1 and Gate 6 recently.  Gate 1 is waiting on a new motor controller and for the supplier to be available to install it.  Gate 6 needs a service and the supplier will do this when they are on site to repair Gate 1
  • Hard rubbish. Please note the updated advice on the Willsmere website -
  • Annual bike audit. It seems the communication on this wasn’t great, so some bikes were removed to the maintenance shed. Please check your bikes are where you left them, and if not there, please contact Petar to have them returned. The process is that bikes will remain in the shed until end of October and then be donated to worthy cause.


Willsmere is located at 1 Wiltshire Drive Kew VIC 3101. Visitor access is via Yarra Boulevard.