Swimming Pool

The Willsmere swimming pool is an excellent location to relax and enjoy the water on a summer day or to get some laps in to improve your fitness. The surrounding gardens are also a great spot to take in the beauty that is Willsmere between swims. There are showers and toilets close to the pool (see picture at right).Pool Shower and toilets

As with all shared facilities, it’s also a great way to socialise with your neighbors and meet new friends. All we ask is that you show some consideration for other people using the pool and follow these simple rules to ensure everyone gets to enjoy the pool in safety and comfort.

  • The pool is open from dawn until 10pm each day.
  • Residents and their guests are welcome to enjoy the pool, (guests are limited to 4 per unit).
  • Users should exercise proper care and caution. Lifeguards are not provided which means parents are responsible for the supervision and care of their children.
  • Children under the age of 10 must always be accompanied and supervised by an adult.
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted and glass and other breakable objects are not allowed in the pool enclosure.
  • Appropriate swimwear must be worn and topless bathing or sun-baking is prohibited.
  • All hair pins are to be removed before entering the water.
  • Radio volumes should be left at a reasonable level. Please lower the volume if requested.
  • Rubbish bins are provided adjacent to these areas for your use in keeping this area clean.
  • No smoking.
  • Animals are not allowed in the pool enclosure.
  • Ball games, diving, running, horseplay and the like are prohibited.

 Real time pool stats-

The temp shown is taken from the water passing through the pump so will be slightly higher than the pool temperature.
ORP is a measure of water quality.  Higher is better and a minum of 650mV is considered safe for drinking (please don't drink our pool water!)

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Willsmere is located at 1 Wiltshire Drive Kew VIC 3101. Visitor access is via Yarra Boulevard.