Deliveries to Willsmere


If you are expecting a larger delivery or something from a courier, they will usually come to the main entrance and buzz your apartment on the intercom. If you're not home, the intercom allows you the option to remotely unlock the door and at your discretion the courier may neatly leave the delivery inside the main entrance so as not to obstruct pedestrian traffic or become unsightly. This area is monitored by CCTV. Please collect deliveries ASAP. Parcels are regularly moved to our Parcel Bay located in the rose garden under the library. You will need you fob to get in.



There are groups of mailboxes located around the complex. You can view the map to find out where your mailbox is or ask the Facilities Manager or one of your neighbours if you are unsure. This is where regular Australia Post mail will be delivered.

Here are some further tips on deliveries:

North Kew Newsagency Licensed Post Office

93 Willsmere Rd, Kew VIC 3101, Phone: 03 9853 9383. If your retailer ships via Australia Post you most often will receive a card in your letter box letting you know it is ready for pickup at the named location, most often the Newsagency. Installing the Australia Post app will let you get visibility into your Australia Post delivery and give you options to redirect or divert it to the Newsagency.

Butcher Pharmacy ParcelPoint Shop and Collect (nominal service fee)

101 Willsmere Road Kew 3101, Phone: 03 9853 9058. After signing up here, you will get a new delivery address care of the Pharmacy where you ship to and receive and SMS when it is ready for collection.

Woolworths Kew eBay Collection Point

17 Walpole Street, VIC 3101, Phone: 03 8347 5873. When shopping at Ebay, select a Woolworths store to pick up at checkout. eBay will send you a code by email or SMS when your item is ready to collect. Collect your order from your chosen Woolworths store within 7 days of receiving your code.


Willsmere is located at 1 Wiltshire Drive Kew VIC 3101. Visitor access is via Yarra Boulevard.