Rubbish / Recycling / Hard Rubbish

Household Waste

Willsmere has several areas for rubbish and recycling - please refer to the map below. Collections occur on Thursdays.

  • Do not put hard rubbish in the waste bins - see further below for instructions
  • Don't overload bins or leave any items outside - birds and vermin are attacted to accessible waste
  • NO batteries, paint, light bulbs or tubes, etc.


Please only put recyclable waste in the recycle bins. Each waste collection area has clear signs outlining what can be put in the bins and is also summarised in the picture below.

  • Place items in LOOSE
  • Collapse carboard boxes to use space effectively
  • Update Oct 2019: Plastic bags and wraps CANNOT be accepted
  • NO polystyrene, food, garden waste, clothing / footwear
  • NB. Willsmere is trialing charity collection bins as described here
  • If you have large, or large amounts of recyclables, there is a council recycling depot just outside gates 5 & 6 at 31-35 Hutchinson Drive as shown in the map below, open Monday to Friday: 7.30am to 4.30pm, Saturday and Sunday: 10am to 2pm


The Victorian Government has banned all e-waste from going to landfill from 1 July 2019. These items must be collected as a separate group during hard rubbish collections or you can drop off all e-waste at the Boroondara Recycling and Waste Centre, 648 Riversdale Road, Camberwell. Small e-waste items, up to the size of a laptop or a large toaster, may be taken to sites listed here.

thumb recyclabes    thumb Willsmere Rubbish Areas    thumb RecyclingDepot

Charitable Donations

There are now two rooms, one under each main tower accessible with your fob, where charitable donations can be left. Working electrical goods are also accepted. See this page for more details. Before throwing something out, consider if it may be useful to someone in need.

Hard Rubbish Collection

Booked hard waste collections are offered for residents to dispose of waste not accepted in weekly collections. Please place itmes no more than 48 Hours before a schedule collection. Items must only be neatly placed adjacent to caretaker's shed in the visitor car park after confirming with the Facility Manager, and must be placed in the correct manner, grouped as outlined - otherwise collection may be cancelled or extra costs incurred. It is the responsibility of residents to get the items to the designated area and ensure the placement complies with council policy. The collection area is under electronic surveillance and anyone found dumping rubbish not in accordance of these guidlines may be responsible for costs incurred to remedy the situation. The Victorian Government has banned all e-waste from going to landfill from 1 July 2019.

1. General Hard Waste

  • Household furniture, toys (non-electrical/battery), plant pots, crockery
  • Timber – 12 pieces neatly stacked and no longer than 1.5 metres
  • Carpet (up to three rolls)
  • Glass / Mirrors securely wrapped in cardboard marked ‘glass’

2. Mattresses and bed bases

  • Any size (up to two per collection)

3. Electronic Waste

  • If it has a plug, cord, used batteries, or any other power supply and is not working or unwanted, it is e-waste. This includes:
  • Small appliances such as vacuum cleaners, rice cookers, etc.
  • Computers, TVs, power tools and battery-operated toys

4. Larger Steel Metal Items

  • Scrap metal no longer than 1.5 metres
  • Small car parts excluding tyres and rims, lawn mowers, tools
  • White goods (doors taped shut)
  • Empty paint tins (lids off)

thumb Hard rubbish

NOT accepted

  • Building materials, bricks, concrete and ceramic tiles
  • Renovation materials e.g. bathtubs, old kitchen cabinets, toilets etc.
  • Plaster board and cement sheeting
  • Batteries (all types)
  • Light bulbs and tubes
  • Gas and barbecue cylinders
  • Paint and other liquid hazardous waste
  • Car tyres and rims
  • White polystyrene

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Collection Dates 

These Fridays in 2019 have been booked with the council but may change due to circumstances beyond our control.

Oct. 18
Nov. 15
Dec. 13


Willsmere is located at Wiltshire Drive (access via Yarra Boulevard), Kew VIC 3101