CoM Update – 24th April

The new CoM for 2023 had its first meeting on 18th April. A lot on and a fair backlog to work through. We will have a rotating Chair for some 2 months at a time starting with Andrew Chong. Amongst the necessary business and items raised at the AGM, we agreed the need to strengthen transparency, but initially a reminder that lot owners can check out the MICM portal to view all of the CoM meeting minutes and register with MICM if not on already.

For broader community, the Willsmere is useful. We will look at how we may more effectively update on issues, work underway and proposed with useful information. We also aim to develop more clear consultation processes for ideas outside the maintenance plan or where there are significant changes in use and access.

MyBos Update

Presently there are about 180 residents registered in MyBos. It is highly encouraged to register to the system as Petar (Facility Manager) will be using this as their main form of communication either via SMS or email. Please contact Petar if you have not registered to MyBos.

Gas Hot Water Units (HWUs) in Heritage Roof Spaces Update

Tim Crawford (Manager - MICM Essential Services) and several of Willsmere CoM members met with Ascot Engineering Consultants, and undertook an initial review of the Roof Plant Spaces currently housing the Instantaneous HWU’s. Ascot will review the existing installations and the current ventilation to the Roof Space and will provide the Owners Corporation with a Fee Proposal for the development plan of increasing the air intake and exhaust to the roof space. We will keep the VBA advised of the proposal and the design methodology for the safe functioning of the HWU’s.

Carport Gutter and Downpipe Repair program

Work has been completed by Simon Mills Plumbing and the downpipes have been cleared of debris.

Pool Heating Update

The pool heater has been turned off after 31st March. We hope all residents have enjoyed the pool during the cold days of spring, summer and early autumn. It is planned to be back on again from 1st October 2023.

Fire Panel

Australian Essential Services Maintenance (AESM) have advised us that the Willsmere Fire Panel is now obsolete and is starting to fail, recommending a replacement. This work has been approved by the CoM and AESM will commence the replacement in the near future.

Townhouse Cleaning and Repair Update

Cleaning is still going and should be completed in 5-6 weeks’ time (weather dependant). The COM are now seeking quotes from roof specialists/plumbers to commence works on townhouse repairs.


Willsmere is located at 1 Wiltshire Drive Kew VIC 3101. Visitor access is via Yarra Boulevard.