Dear Lot Owner / Tenant,

The COM has made a decision not to provide a service to assist residents to take hard rubbish to the hard rubbish bin corral.

The following factors have been taken into account in making this decision;

  1. The removal of private goods from private property is neither a role, nor responsibility of the COM or the Building Manager (BM). The COM and the BM’s role is to maintain, repair and oversee the use and deployment of common property.
  2. The BM is not covered through his parent company - MBM - to lift heavy items, including furniture and white goods. Such goods would need to be lifted onto the buggy, if the buggy were used.
  3. The BM cannot regularly enter private property, unless accompanied or in emergencies.
  4. The BM cannot afford the time involved to provide this service within his allocated duties.
  5. Assistance with the removal of hard rubbish is not currently included in the BM’s position description.

The COM will explore purchasing some lifting aids, such as suitable trolleys (including a mattress trolley), and enable residents to borrow them to help move items from their homes to the hard rubbish corral.

Unfortunately, exemptions will not be made in individual cases. This would lead to inconsistency and potential claims of favouritism, or discrimination.

Cheers, Andrew Barrington (Chairperson, on behalf of the COM)


Willsmere is located at 1 Wiltshire Drive Kew VIC 3101. Visitor access is via Yarra Boulevard.