Willsmere Annual General Meeting (AGM)

This has been set for Tuesday 21st March at 7pm in the Library.

Carport Gutter and Downpipe Repair program

The COM has approved a quote and selected a contractor to replace and repair all damaged and corroded gutters and downpipes in all carports throughout the property. Work will commence on this project in the next month.

Pool Solar Installation

A contractor has been selected to install solar electricity to the pool canopy roof. The electricity from this system will provide supplementary power the pool pumps throughout the year. The solar water piping has been removed and the new system will be installed within the next 2 months.

New Buggy Purchase

The COM has approved the purchase of a new buggy. This will mean we will now have 2 buggies to use for gardening, cleaning and for general maintenance work. This will assist all staff to be more efficient in the movement of materials and resources throughout the property.

Step Hand Rails

A number of multistep hand rails were installed late last year. Another two will be installed on steps near the tennis courts, which will complete the program.

Townhouse Roof Cleaning

The townhouse high and low (verandah) roofs will be pressure cleaned, the upper and lower gutters cleaned and downpipes cleared commencing mid - February.
The work will be performed on weekend by Sharper (our cleaning company). Residents in the townhouses due for cleaning will be notified of pending work in the week before it takes place. Work will not commence before 9am.

Visitors Car Park Tow Away Service

This service will commence on 15/2/2023. All signage has been erected. Visitors will be allowed to park vehicles including cars, vans, trailers, caravans and boats for 72 hours in specified car parking areas. Vehicles parked beyond these hours will have notices placed on them allowing a further 72 hours grace before the towing service is invoked.

The Willsmere rules state that visitor parking is for up to 6 hours, but the COM has the power to extend this period by providing “express permission” to vehicles to park for longer periods. The COM is using this power to provide visitor parking - en masse – for up to 72 hours.  In other words, all vehicles are offered express permission to park for up to 72 hours. This permission is expressed through the parking signage.

We are also providing fair warning notice (72 hours) of impending tow away for all vehicles that have overstayed the 72 hour limit.

Gas Hot Water Services in Heritage Roof Spaces

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) and Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) are currently investigating the safety of all the gas hot water services in heritage roof spaces.

They will work with the COM to determine any further safety requirements / measures for the heaters, primarily in relation to gas emission safety.  We may be required to install flues to vent the gas from the heaters to avoid carbon monoxide build up in the roof spaces. 

Tim Crawford (Manager - MICM Essential Services) will co-ordinate the project.

Heritage owners will receive regular updates.

FOB Entry to be required for Pool

The COM has voted to install FOB readers on the entry gates into the Pool area. These will soon be installed.
Pool use is strictly limited to residents and their guests.

Long Term Maintenance Program (LTMP)

The COM is working to engage a company to review and update the LTMP in line with legislative requirements.
The LTMP guides the COM to financially prepare for future maintenance projects such as repainting.

Pigeon Removal

The COM is researching ways and means of removing pigeons from nesting in roof space areas.

Possum Problem

The COM recently resolved a possum infestation in 2 roof space areas. Preventative work will be done to prevent possums climbing trees to enter roof spaces.  This will include further pruning of trees at roof connection points and the installation of tree bands to prevent possums from climbing the trees.


Willsmere is located at 1 Wiltshire Drive Kew VIC 3101. Visitor access is via Yarra Boulevard.