Townhouse Anchor Installation and Roof Clean and Repair Project

We have commenced the installation of the anchors and will follow this up with a clean and repair of all the roofs. The aim is to extend the life of the townhouse roofs by 30 years.

Pool entry to be by FOB only once Salto locks are installed

We have had numerous incidents of non-residents entering Willsmere and using our pool. The COM has decided to manage this by requiring residents to use FOB’s to enter the pool area. Once the Salto locks are installed residents will be required to update their FOB’s for pool entry with Petar.

Car Parking in Willsmere

The COM has decided to clarify and enforce parking rules in the visitor’s car park and to introduce a tow away service for owners of car, caravans, trailers and the like who do not adhere to these rules.
Signs will be posted to display 72 hour parking limits, no standing zones and 15 minute loading zones.
Residents requiring extensions to 72 hour limits can apply to our Building Manager for a permit.
If permits are granted they must be displayed on dashboards.
Anytime Towing will be contacted to remove vehicles and the like that overstay without a permit.

Owners and Tenants will also have the ability to request Anytime Towing to remove vehicles and the like that are parking in owners private car parking places inside the gates.

Sewer Clearing Project

We have commissioned Progressive Plumbing to investigate our sewer pipes and to report any blockages and issues. They have presented a report recommending, among other things, that we install a number of inspection openings around the property. A quote for this work is being prepared.

Multinet Remote Gas Meter Reading Project

Multinet have advised that they are ready to roll out remote readers to all gas meters in the heritage roof spaces. This will hopefully bring an end to the gas bill estimates that many customers have had to put up with since the meter readers refused to access the roof space to read the meters over 2 years ago.

Possum Problem

We had had some possum problems in some heritage roof spaces that has caused considerable disruption to some apartment owners. We have engaged a possum management company who have removed some possums and will work to close roof cavities to ensure they cannot return.

Hand Rail installation on all 3 plus stepways

Hand Rails will be installed in all 3 plus stepways across Willsmere. This will provide a safer means of climbing and descending steps for people who require them.

Formal Pathways to replace ad hock concrete block pathways in 17 sites around Willsmere.

Willsmere has 17 pathways that have been informally constructed using individual concrete blocks. These will be replaced with safer formal pathways in the next month or so.

Christmas Party - Sunday 11th December 2022 (3.30pm)

This will be held in the London Courtyard on the Sunday 11/12/22 commencing at 3.30pm. Further information to come.  Save the date!

New Pathway between Basketball Pedestrian Gate and Gate 4 plus kerb access across the road.

We are constructing a new pathway in this area as well as a curb access across the road in front of gate 4 for prams, etc.

Solar Power proposal to power the pool pump system being considered.

We are sourcing quotes to explore the potential to install solar panels on the pool canopy roof to power the pool pumps.

Pool Heating

The pool will be gas heated to 26 – 27 degrees from the 1st October to 31 March each year – 6 months. The goal is to provide a facility that is pleasant and enjoyable. It is already proving popular with large numbers of swimmers enjoying the pool since we started heating it recently.


Willsmere is located at 1 Wiltshire Drive Kew VIC 3101. Visitor access is via Yarra Boulevard.