Community Information Forum

The next forum will be on Tuesday 18th October at 7.30pm in the Library. More information (agenda) to come.

Gardens and Grounds

Our gardeners have been busy mulching and pruning to keep ahead of the new spring growth. They have fertilised the lawns and will soon be completing maintenance on the sprinkler system to make sure it is fully up and running for the summer period. We have approved D’s to replace the plants destroyed through the Bin Corral replacement program and they will replant in the new 2 weeks.


MyBos is our one stop shop system to make bookings for facility use, to report maintenance issues and to receive emergency alerts. Residents are encouraged to use the QR code to register. Assistance will be provided at the Community Forum.

Pool Heating and Solar

The pool heater will be commissioned on the 1st of October. Will will gradually heat the pool to approx. 26 degrees to provide for a more enjoyable swimming experience. Please remember that the heater is a shoulder season heater and aims to extend our swimming season by up to a month on either end of summer.We are obtaining quotes for the installation of solar panels to power the pool cleaning equipment. If we can achieve this it will lower the electricity cost to keep these filter going 24/7 x 365.

Gate 4 Speed Hump to be installed

We have had a few instances of children climbing under Gate 4 to gain entry to the property. This is a dangerous practice and we will be installing a speed hump under the gate to prevent this from reoccurring.

Tow Away service

The COM is concerned about the number of vehicles and trailers that have accumulated in the visitors car park as well as numerous incidents of illegal parking inside the property. Some changes will be made to parking rules, further signs will be erected and a tow away service will be employed. More information to come.

Townhouse Roof Anchor installation, Cleaning and Repair

The COM has approved the installation of an anchor safety system across the Townhouse roof network as well as a program to clean and repair all of the of townhouse roofs. Once owners have provided their consent work will begin to install the anchors in late October.

Gutter Cleaning

All lower (1st level) gutters across the property have been cleaned. The plan is to clean the upper gutters in the townhouses a part of the clean and repair program once the roof anchors are installed The upper heritage gutters will then be cleaned.

Heritage Roof Anchor System

The installation of an anchor safety system on heritage roofs is also a priority, but is a much more complex process. We need and are working to try and gain Heritage Victoria guidance as to what is acceptable in this regard.

Paving work

A number of heritage properties have informal concrete block pathways to their verandahs or stairways. The COM has approved the installation of formal pathways to replace the blocks. This work should commence in mid to late October.

Sewerage Clearing

The COM has approved a quote for Progressive Plumbing to diagnose the "state of the sewer pipes" throughout Willsmere. Once this diagnosis is complete work will be commissioned to clear all blocked and troublesome areas.

Heritage Apartment Air Con Installation

A dedicated Sub Com has been established to investigate Air Con options for heritage apartments. We are looking to fund our Heritage Architects (Trethowen) to develop a comprehensive proposal to present to Heritage Victoria to facilitate such permission across a range of heritage properties. Please note that if you own a heritage property you are entitled to seek Heritage Victoria and COM approval to install Air Con in your apartment. Each application would be considered on its merits. Air Con is heritage apartments will not be a one size fits all program.

Library renovation

We are forming a small working group with COM and non COM members to explore a (low cost) renovation plan for the Library. If you are interested in joining this group please contact Ashleigh at MICM on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Gym Security

We have had some break ins to the Gym both in and out of its opening hours. We are exploring the installation of a security alarm and camera to address this problem.

Security / Camera system review

We are conducting a review of our security needs across Willsmere, which will feed into developing a security plan to ensure our systems are adequate and up to date.

Fish Pond

We have purchased some new fish for the pond. Petar feeds them regularly so please do not feed them yourselves! Please ensure that children do not climb onto, nor walk over the wire netting across the top of the pond.

Tennis Courts

We have had the courts serviced and new nets have been installed. The courts are in good repair and continue to be well utilised.

Possum problem

We are aware that several possums are living in heritage roof spaces. We are trailing a sonic sound deterrent device in 2 locations to try and drive the little guys out of the roofs.

Roof space relighting

We have replaced the roof space lighting across the property with LED sensor lights. This will ensure that lights are not left on and it is more energy efficient.

Remote Gas Meter Reading Program Trial

Final testing was completed a week ago and Multinet is ordering the meters. Hopefully they will be installed before the year ends.

Defibrillator purchases

We will purchase another 2 defibrillators for Willsmere. We already have one in the main / front. One will be located on the outside of the foyer. The other location is yet to be finalised.

Christmas Party - Sunday 11th December 2022

This will be held on Sunday 11th December - most probably in the London Courtyard. The COM has approved a budget for the party and Jim will again prepare a Gyros for the event. Please save the date. More info to come.


Willsmere is located at 1 Wiltshire Drive Kew VIC 3101. Visitor access is via Yarra Boulevard.