Storm Damage to Townhouse Roofs - Update

The damage to the townhouse roofs has been fully repaired. We beat the rain and averted any insurance claims. Thank you to Simon Mills (plumber) for his great efforts in this regard. 


Willsmere Clean Up following the storms last week

Willsmere has been cleaned up following the storms. Fallen trees have been cleared and debris removed from pathways, driveways and lawns.  We will now need to repair a carport, which was badly damaged by a fallen tree and some other minor damage, such as the mesh on gate 4 that was blown off by the high winds.

Thank you to our team including Petar (BM) Basant (Cleaner), John and Doris (Gardeners) and Tim (Lawn Mower) for their efforts in getting us back into ship shape condition. 


Swimming Pool

The pool has been refilled. The new external pipe system was tested yesterday and passed with flying colours. The fence will be rebuilt on the north side and the landscaping will be completed to backfill the area between the pool and the retaining wall. Once this has been done and the water sufficiently cleaned and chlorinated, we will contact Council and arrange a site visit to conduct a compliance test and, hopefully, issue a compliance certificate. This should all take less than 2 weeks. 


Fish Pond

The fish pond has been completely cleaned out and we will soon replace the old filter and add an ultra violet light and some more plants. This will all help the self cleaning of the pond and ensure that algae does not grow. 


Willsmere is located at Wiltshire Drive (access via Yarra Boulevard), Kew VIC 3101