Pool Update

We are waiting for contractors to quote for and complete the rebuild our retaining wall. They cannot get onsite due to the construction lockdown. Once that is finished C.P.S. will complete the pipework. We will then get the pool repainted.  We hope all this can be completed by early to mid November in time for the summer season.

Fish Pond

The fish pond has been fully renovated. The Fish are loving their new, much healthier, environment. Please go and take a look for yourself!

Basketball Court

New noise reduction backboards, rings and hoops will soon be installed. The new backboards will reduce the thumping noise made by the balls on the backboards. The new rings and hoops will add to the enjoyment of the game.

Tree Removal

We are awaiting Council approval to remove 2 large trees. One is a condemned heritage listed Monterey Pine located on the south west corner in front of apartments 40 and 42. The other is a large Peppercorn tree located on the north west corner of the property behind the car wash area. Pruning will also be done to some of our Oak and Plane trees that are currently intersecting with heritage walls and roofs. We have obtained quoted for the work ranging from $26,500 to $29,000 and will select a contractor this week.

Bike Audit

Petar is currenting moving bikes that have not had their yellow stickers removed to the Maintenance Shed. They will remain there for 4 weeks and then be given to charity. If you want to recover your bike in the next 4 weeks you will need to see Petar and organise to have it collected.

Hard Rubbish

We understand some residents wish to sort and dispose of their hard rubbish on weekends because they work during the week. Last week we allowed a resident to place their hard rubbish in front of the corral on a Sunday night for Petar to put in the corral on Monday morning. When Petar came to do this on Monday he found all sorts of general garbage in the pile. This is unacceptable and we will not continue to offer this service / arrangement if it occurs again.

Townhouse Status Resolutions

We are planning on having a Zoom meeting in the next few weeks to present further information about these resolutions and answer questions from lot owners. At present we are waiting on further legal advice to ensure we have “crossed every t and dotted every i” in terms of the wording and effect of the resolutions. Lot owners will be notified of all dates and times via their preferred means of communication.


Willsmere is located at Wiltshire Drive (access via Yarra Boulevard), Kew VIC 3101