Petar has advised that he is ready to start swapping out the old Elsema vehicle gate remote controls for the new models. Due to the current lockdowns, we are asking residents to only visit the office to get your replacements if they are urgently required, ie, your old remotes are failing or no longer working.

If you have an urgent need to get a new gate remote control, please phone Petar first to make sure he is available and then come to the office.  Make sure you are wearing a mask that is covering your nose and mouth and only one person at a time is allowed into the office.  Of course you are not allowed to go if you are meant to be isolating or you are feeling unwell.

Bring your old remote controls to swap over (limit two per household unless you are in the few locations that have more than two spaces) and bring your pedestrian gate fobs as well if you can. The fobs are only needed as Petar will also try to make sure only your active fobs are in the system, they will not be changed.

When lockdown lifts we will start the full roll out for all residents but we want to make sure that any residents currently struggling with faulty remotes are looked after first.


Willsmere is located at 1 Wiltshire Drive Kew VIC 3101. Visitor access is via Yarra Boulevard.