We recently advised that the Willsmere cleaning contract was up for tender. SPI, our encumbent contractor chose not to submit a tender. Three companies tendered for the business and while they were all very good submissions one contractor stood out as the best choice.

We would like to welcome our new cleaning contractors to Willsmere as of today.  Keyts Cleaning Services are located in Kew and have been in operation for over 40 years and have over 350 clients. We feel they have a lot to offer Willsmere and look forward to working together. Keyts had reached out to Lanka, our previous onsite cleaner to offer him the job of staying on at Willsmere but he already had a new position and was happy there.

Our new onsite cleaner is Basanta Khatri and he started today.  We will upload a photo shortly, but unilt then, Basanta is wearing a Keyts uniform and a high-vis vest so you should be able to recognise him.

Here is a list of our regular suppliers to Willsmere

1) MBM with Petar, Sam, Damien and Jenny - We have genuine depth and commitment in their involvement with us. Petar is dedicated and takes pride in Willsmere.

2) Ashleigh Taylor from MICM - Has got off to a great start with us. Is switched on, intelligent, thoughtful and responsive.

3) D’s Gardeners with Doris, John, Helen and Dave - Great to have them back! The gardens and grounds are looking great and will only get better. I asked Doris and John to come this morning to cut away the creeper from the pool fence and they were there at 7.30am - in a lockdown. Doris said  “no problem Andrew, teamwork makes it easy for all”.

4) A1 - with Tim Okines (our Lawn mower) and Brian from “Cheap and Neat” who supply our mulch - Willsmere and the WKG  - The best in the business. 

5) Keyts with Ben and Luke and our new cleaner (who I have not yet met) - Teamwork oriented, hard working, thorough and flexible.

6) As well contractors including Simon Mills and Bone Electrical.  Both companies know Willsmere and have served us well for many years.


Willsmere is located at 1 Wiltshire Drive Kew VIC 3101. Visitor access is via Yarra Boulevard.