Willsmere Gate Repairs

Standrite have advised they will commence work to repair Gates 1 to 5 next Monday 26th July. Gate 6, which was vandalised recently, will be repaired by another company -Wiltek - who will install a new clutch in one of the gate motors. Petar has asked Wiltek to clarify when they will be able to complete this work.

Cleaning Contract

The Willsmere CoM, in conjunction with MICM and MBM have put the Willsmere cleaning services out to tender. Six companies have completed full tours of Willsmere and all intend to tender for the service. The closing date for the receipt of tenders is Friday the 30th of July.

Gutter Cleaning

All lower gutters to the apartments and townhouses are now being cleared by Fred Mills and his staff. Hot spot clearing of all upper gutters will also be completed.

Pool News

Work will soon commence to relay external pipes on the north side of the pool in order to restore elements of its filtration system. During this work the fence on the north side (and the creeper attached to it) will need to be removed. It will be rebuilt when the pipe works are completed. The existing fence along the townhouse side will be replaced after the works in that area are complete. The fence needed to be replaced in order to comply with new pool regulations.


Willsmere is located at Wiltshire Drive (access via Yarra Boulevard), Kew VIC 3101