Update 02/05/21

Today is the first day with our new facility manager on site without Jay as hand over.
Petar works for Melbourne Building Management and they are acting as our interim managment company while we go through a tender process.

Please say hello to Petar if you see him around the grounds.




Update 28/04/21

The CoM advises that Jay (and his company FFM) will finish at Willsmere on Friday 30th April.

Melbourne Building Management (MBM) are satisfied that they will be able to operate independently 

by Friday. The earlier termination date for FFM assists us to save on the cost of having 

2 companies on site. 

Petar (MBM) will have the Willsmere phone and will take over the other communication systems from Friday

at 4pm. The MICM help desk will continue to operate after hours. MBM will also provide an after hours emergency service.

Details on this to follow. 


Willsmere Facilites Management


The CoM have decided to not renew the contract with Focus Facilities Management (FFM).

The company has been given 30 days notice. This means Jay will finish at Willsmere on the 20th of May.

We would like to thank Jay for his contribution and wish him the very best for the future.


As of Monday 26 April we welcome Melbourne Building Management (MBM) to Willsmere. 

MBM have been temporarily contracted to ensure a comprehensive 30 day handover from FFM.

During this 30 day period we will prepare a tender for the long-term appointment.


Our temporary on site manager for the handover period will be Andrew Bagamasbad. Andrew will be supported by Sam Cosentino

(Operations Manager) and the company owner Jennifer Longstaff. All three (Andrew, Sam and Jennifer) will be on-site on Monday 26 April

to begin their orientation and handover. If you see us walking around please come and say hello! 



Willsmere is located at Wiltshire Drive (access via Yarra Boulevard), Kew VIC 3101