Here is a clarification on the status of resident facilities around the complex, egm Gym, Swimming pool, Library during the current level of lockdown.

Update Tuesday, 01/12 - 

All facilities are open again.
A reminder to residents that until further notice it is still a requirement from the State Government that all users of our gym need to use the booking system to ensure maximum occupancy is maintained and we are able to maintain contact tracing. Gym (
All residents still need to complete the contact tracing form before using the Willsmere pool -Pool contact tracing (
The function room is back open but has strict limits on the number of people allowed to attend.  An online booking form is now available for function room bookings.

Update Friday, 13/11 -

As of tomorrow, the pool will be allowed to open provided we comply with Government mandated Covid precautions.
Based on the size of our pool, we have been given a limit of up to five adults and ten children.

The gym and library will also be allowed to open tomorrow as well.  Remember that bookings for the gym must be made via the booking system on this site and you must be logged in to be able to make a booking.

The current regulations are not exactly clear and subject to change.  MICM have been dealing with DHHS and Business Victoria for definitive answers but it is very hard to get a clear yes as most agencies are being very careful in what they say.

It is understandable that people are eager to get back to the gym, library and pool but we rely on everyone to follow the guidelines and do the right thing.  The police helicopter flies over regularly and an overcrowded swimming pool would be easy to spot.


Original text-

MICM have been dealing with DHHS and the official answer from DHHS is these facilities are to remain closed until further notice.  We hope that this will change during the week but until then we have no choice but to comply.
Here is the DHHS website with all the regulations listed for Owners Corporations (ie, apartment complexes)

"Common property swimming pools in multi-dwelling apartments must remain closed. Private swimming pools only apply to single family residences."

This isn't the news we want to hear as the warmer weather approaches as the Willsmere pool is one of our best assets and provides so much enjoyment to so many but with luck it is only for a few more days.


Willsmere is located at 1 Wiltshire Drive Kew VIC 3101. Visitor access is via Yarra Boulevard.