The Willsmere pool is arguably one of the most used and favourite facilities in Willsmere and as it is now close to 30 years old, the CoM have comissioned reports on the estimated life expectancy of the pool.  Based on these reports there will be decisions made about what the best steps forward are. Last year the pool was painted and had filter upgrades, etc, but do we further facelift the pool or do we plan for a complete replacement over the next few years?  The CoM will collate all relevant specialist reports received and provide them to all owners when completed so that community discussion can be had and a decision made around the best long term maintenance / repair / replacement of the pool. 

After being closed for maintenance works, the pool is being filled again this week.  To repair the recent pipe break, we have had to repurpose the solar heating lines for filtration.  This means that the solar heating will only feed into the children's pool and then flow to the main pool.
Since all pools have been closed for some time due to Covid restrictions, the CoM had the advantage of time so they could investigate any other option that would allow the solar heating to the main pool to remain active.  Rushing in to any permanent option in order to have a full pool that could not be used anyway would have been foolish.

NOTE: the garden bed retaining wall will not be reinstated until the final long term investigative reports have been received as there may be further need to access for inspection and/or soil samples.



Willsmere is located at Wiltshire Drive (access via Yarra Boulevard), Kew VIC 3101