Update - Tuesday October 28


Hello families of Willsmere!

Looking forward to having you join us for this week’s online hey dee ho music session via zoom. You & your children will not only be able to interact with us as we sing & dance along together, but will have the opportunity to be able to see their friends who also live at the estate.

If you could have something handy for your child to use as a musical instrument that would be great! Could be a maraca, bells, shaker, or even just a saucepan and wooden spoon for a drum or some uncooked rice in a container to use as a shaker! We will prompt them when it is time to pick it up to play along all together with us.

Please find below link to join us this Wednesday from 12pm (which will be the same link every week) with a summary attached of what we have planned for you all.
This week’s theme will be “Shopping”.

Any further queries, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Topic: Willsmere Exclusive Hey dee ho Music Sessions Time: 12pm each Wednesday from 12th August onwards

Click the following link to join the Zoom session automatically otherwise, open zoom and enter the Meeting ID and the password manually.


Meeting ID: 755 7399 9791 Passcode: 3hGb4a

Family Activity Letter Shopping





To help residents with young children at home, we are trialling a series of entertainment for youngsters (aged 0 to 6 years old).

The first session will be held Wednesday the 12th at 12pm.  Each Monday a Zoom link will be emailled which will also contain that week's theme for you to share with your families.

As it is Zoom, all you will need is a device to join the meeting with and ideally a way to view this on a larger screen and with good speakers.

During each session there will be an ‘instrument section’ where children will be asked to pick up something they can use as a percussion instrument to play along with the host. It can be anything from an actual percussion instrument (tambourine, bells, maraca, shaker etc), to a pair wooden spoons to tap against each other, or a container with some rice in it to use as a shaker.   There will be a reminder about this in each week’s email to make sure everyone is able to join in.

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Willsmere is located at Wiltshire Drive (access via Yarra Boulevard), Kew VIC 3101