In this difficult situation it has been quite some time since we have been able to hold a community forum. To assist in keeping you informed we have put together a summary of updates that have been happening oritems we have been asked about in person or on social media.


There have been a higher than usual number of lots falling into arrears leaving the operating fund short. Please note that fees that are in arrears can be subject to interest. If you are having financial trouble at this stage, please contact MICM to discuss your options. The Willsmere CoM have been trying to make savings wherever possible to avoid any impact to our community.

Gutters and down pipes

Now that the leaf fall has finished on all trees we have made arrangements for the gutters and down pipes to cleared. We are using the same team that has been used for many years in the past and they will begin work as soon as we get some drier weather, due to the need to drive a scissor lift across the grass. Some previous concerns have been addressed with regards to the cleaning of down pipes, etc.


We hope that you are seeing the improvements in the gardens since Dee’s started back in May with an outcome based arrangement and hence they do not have fixed hours. They will work as long as it takes to make sure the gardens are up to the agreed standard.

Pot hole near gate 5

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, the first repair was bitumen only and this did not hold. The contractor is returning to cut out a section, cement underneath to provide strength and then bitumen the top. This does require the base underneath to not be waterlogged and hence we need a few days without rain. It has been noted that unauthorised individuals have placed DIY bitumen in the hole. This has not been driven over as yet and we advise this is still a hazard as it is soft to step on days later. Please do not drive over it until it has been fixed professionally.

Outdoor lights

There are a number of common area lights currently out. We are in the process of changing these to LEDs which requires the rewiring of them as they do not accept LED globes in the current fitting. When a light is reported to be out, the globe is replaced with the same type but due to the age of the fittings some times it is not the globe that is blown but the fitting. In this case it is added to the list of fittings to be converted to LED. For cost savings the electrician is called when we have a batch of lights to change at the same time. Please do continue to report them when they are out to allow this process to proceed.
In order to repair the faulty lights in the visitor car park we need the use of a cherry picker. To minimise expenses we have been waiting to have this done at the same time as the gutters and as such, these lights will be repaired soon.


Due to the renewed lockdowns, the gym has been closed again. While the gym was open, it was great to see all residents using the booking system and acting very responsibly. We will endeavour to open the gym as soon as we government regulations allow.


We have investigated every possible way to fix the solar heating to the main pool. We have approved the rerouting of the water flow and the pool should be filled and looking good soon. The retaining wall will be fixed once quoted and approved very soon. A higher level of reinforcement is required than was there previously and hence this is not a simple rebuild.

Bins and waste

The council is in the midst of changing to their 4 bin structure and we have been told that we will be later on the time line for this. We did receive more general bins and recycling bins in the corrals between gates 4 and 5 last year but we understand that there are still issues in these corrals. We do have the maximum number of household bins possible. We could get more recycling bins but will need to liaise with council if this is possible at this time. To reduce the amount of waste in the corrals there are a few things we can do
-Reduce the amount of packaging when you are buying items
-We encourage residents to take their veggie scraps to the Willsmere Community Garden. We are currently refurbishing our normal compost corrals behind the shed which is where the scraps would normally go. At the moment we have a couple of black crates near the front of the shed where you can place your veggie scraps to be recycled into compost.
-You can also recycle all soft plastics at your supermarket through the RedCycle program. You will see the bins near the front of the store.
-Take large items to the hard rubbish near the maintenance shed
-Fold small boxes, ie cereal, tissues, crackers, UHT.
-Take large boxes to the recycling depot near the entrance of Hutchison Dr.


New sliding gates for gate 4 and lighter gates for the other gate locations have been made and are now in the process of being powder coated. There will be more news once we have time lines on the installation.

Hard rubbish

Please place hard rubbish to the sides and back of the corral, not at the front. There are signs on the walls to help know where to place items as these need to get sorted for pick up. If an item is still able to be used, a post on the Facebook often allows the item to find a new useful life or use the charity rooms which will be open again soon.

Charity rooms

These have been highly successful pre-COVID. Unfortunately the charities are not accepting donations at the moment and hence our rooms have been closed. We are going to trial having the rooms open again to assist in reducing the amount of useful items going to landfill. A post on the Willsmere Facebook also often finds new homes for useful items.


Our AGM was planned for April, but with COVID concerns and restrictions this has not been possible to hold since. MICMs experience with running AGMs on Zoom or the like has not been favourable, with many having difficulties joining or not comfortable joining. Prior to the current lockdown the possibility of hiring a larger venue, to allow distancing, was explored but no suitable location was taking bookings. Currently we are left with no good alternatives to the in person meeting and will delay the AGM until we are legally allowed to hold an in-person meeting.


If you have something that has gone missing, there are cameras in the foyer. If you have a date and time range, Jay may be able to assist. This is a manual review process. We have explored lockers and other on site manual options but so far nothing viable has been found. Australia Post has the option of setting up a MyPost account which provides an account/address to use that holds your parcel at the post office and notifies you for pick up. Keeping your parcels safe no matter what courier is used. The Willsmere website also contains a variety of options for residents looking for a more secure way to receive parcels.

Ed's Kitchen Catering

Finally, here is a message from Jane, a Wilsmere resident and part of Ed's Catering.  This is a really exciting prospect and will hopefully be a great step to making our second Lock Down a little more comfortable for our community.  It may hopefully also reduce the number of outside food delivery services coming to Willsmere and thus reducing risks of COVID transmission.

Dear Willsmere residents,

You may have noticed a large Ed’s Kitchen catering truck, presently parked outside gate 2 of Willsmere.
Ed has just had this truck newly fitted out to service the film and television industry, but like so many other businesses during the COVID lockdown, it has all come to a screaming halt!
  After discussion with the CoM, we have been given the go ahead while we wait for regular business to return, to offer Willsmere residents a little taste of Ed’s food and to give his new kitchen a little running in.

This Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evening, Ed is going to offer a soup, a choice of 2 main meals  (one vegetarian) and a dessert.
If this proves popular
we can continue until we can all go back to our real jobs! We may add or remove days depending on interest.

Each night will be a different menu, cooked fresh and using organic produce where ever possible.
We will have a 2 hour window from 5.30 - 7.30 pm for contactless pick up or delivery within Willsmere if you can’t get out to the truck. 

To make it so that we can offer these meals at these prices, pre order will be required at least the day before, so that Ed is only cooking what is ordered and we don’t have any waste.  To order, please transfer your payment and email your order and contact details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as well as listing your desired pickup or delivery time.

Finally, I apologise in advance that I have not set up a contactless payment via square, as usually, the film production company would pay for everyones meals, so it is set up very differently to a food truck. After much thought I think just an Osko payment with your apartment number as reference is the easiest way forward into the Eds kitchen account. 

BSB 302162 

ACC 1664009

Any questions can be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Looking forward to sharing some of Ed’s delicious food with you all!

Thank you, 

Jane :)

This week, Ed will offer the following menus:

 Wednesday 17th of July

Soup - Split Pea & Ham Hock    $8

Pork & Fennel Lasagne   $18


Pumpkin, sage and ricotta lasagne  $15

both served with Orange, fennel, parsley and black olive salad.  Leaves.

Pear and Almond Torte with custard.  $8

Friday 17th of July

Carrot & Coriander Soup  $8

Baked Salmon Fillet with lemon & Tarragon crumb topping   $18


Grilled Eggplant with Feta, Almond and coriander topping   $15

both served with baked smokey sweet potato, rocket and steamed vegetables.

Apple & Pear Strudel with  custard   $8

Saturday 18th of July

Chicken, lemon and tarragon soup $8

Osso Bucco with gremolata and green vegetables  and creamy polenta $18


Ratatouille ( Eggplant, Zucchini, capsicum & red onion in a rich tomato sauce) with chickpeas and creamy polenta $15

Raspberry, pistachio and burnt butter tart  $8


Willsmere is located at Wiltshire Drive (access via Yarra Boulevard), Kew VIC 3101