Here are some general updates and some further information coming from the latest CoM meeting.

1 - AGM

We had planned to hold the AGM via Zoom or Teams this month.  MICM feedback was that they had been having Zoom AGMs for other much smaller properties and the results were not great.  Issues such as people using the web browser were not able to vote, lots of people dropping out, having audio issues.  The conclusion was that this would not work well for Willsmere.  As such, we have decided the AGM will be postponed until Government regulation ease and we are allowed to hold the meeting in person in the library.

All other options were investigated, such as holding it on the bowling green but with weather in winter being so unpredictable there would be a high chance of it not being able to go ahead.  Other larger venues were sought out but these are all closed due to Covid and not available for bookings.

2 - Gates

As has already been communicated, the work order has been placed for major repairs to the Willsmere vehicle gates.  
Gate 4 is the most troublesome due to the larger width and the fact it opens greater than 90 degrees.  As a result, it will be completely replaced with a sliding mechanism.  All the components of gate 4 can be used for spare parts for the other gates.
Gates 1, 2, 5 and 6 will be replaced with lighter gates on the existing mechanisms.  One of the reasons for the failures is that the existing gates are solid steel and this coupled with the constant use puts a great strain on the mechanisms.  The new gates will also be steel but will be hollow and be almost half the weight.  Since the existing mechanisms are very heavy duty, having almost half the load will greatly lessen the wear and tear.  

The old deadbolts on the gates were constantly failing or getting stuck in the lock position and causing great inconvenience to residents and most had since been removed.  The new gates will have magnetic locks which will be much more secure and reliable and also mean that in an emergence if the power fails the gates can still be manually opened if needed.

This should be viewed as a phased approach.  Eventually the control boxes and remotes will also need upgrading, but that can be done at a later date and nothing we are doing now will result in redundant works or wasting of any money.  we are simply performing the upgrade process a step at a time.

The new gates are in the process of being manufactured in Australia. Once they are made they will be powder coated and the installation can then begin. When we have a date for the on-site works we will make sure that residents have as much notice of the disruptions as possible.

3 - Pool

As has also been communicated previously, the fault withe the pool is due to a pipe failure underneath the pool.  Initial reports were to bypass the solar heating for the main pool to allow the pool to be filled again.  This is a reasonably big change so rather than rush into anything, the CoM looked for other options, such as pipe repair technology where a membrane is pumped in and expanded. 

Since the Covid lockdown meant pools we required to close down, we had time to make sure that every possibility was investigated.  After much investigation, we were told that the pipe that had failed had too many right angle turns for the membrane to be an option.

What this means is that the solar output will flow into the toddler pool and then into the main pool via the overflow pipe.

We are arranging for work to begin as soon as possible and we are happy that we used the combination of Covid and Winter to take our time to make sure we had exhausted all possible options rather than rushing to accept compromises in the interest of a quick fix at a time when pools were off limits anyway.

4 - Gym

The Gym is open and we thank residents for their responsibility during this time.  The booking system is working well and coupled with the extended operating hours it seems that everyone is able to use the gym as they wish.

Remember to clean surfaces after you have used them and to make sure that you always keep at least 1.5m between you and any other residents.

5 - Pine Tree

Sadly, one of Willsmere's great trees is dying.  The tree is located directly in front of the western tower and recent arborists reports state there is a danger of it falling.  Since the tree is heritage listed, getting it removed will require permits and possibly take some time.  In the interim, arborists will be on-site at some time soon to perform the first part of the job, which will be to mitigate the immediate danger by removing the dangerous branches. 

Thank you to the work of the residents in the area who have been planning ways to replace the tree.  

6 - Gas Metres

As most residents will know, the existing remote reading gas metres were replaced by multinet contractors around 12 month ago with metres that are not compatible with the remote reading infrastructure at Willsmere.  Jay and a number of CoM members have been working tirelessly to get this issue resolved.
Multinet have agreed to make the necessary changes to allow for the remote reading and have installed one module on a gas metre to test.  So far the testing is looking good and Jay is working with our Multinet contact to expand the testing process and will hopefully have more news soon.

7 - NBN rollout

As you are all no doubt aware, the preparation to get the NBN available in Willsmere has been a very long process.  Thanks to the work of Jay, Carl and Angela, most of Willsmere was ready for NBN around the beginning of this year.  Installing NBN in a heritage building such as Willsmere has not been an easy process and residents usually have technicians attending on-site around three times before the installation is complete.  Especially due to Covid, the demand for NBN installations has been very high and it has been almost a full time job for Jay just doing this, as he needs to be with the installers quite a bit.  With this coupled by multiple installs at the same time in varied areas of the complex, the amount of work is huge.

We thank all residents for their patience during this time and especially for understanding that the NBN works at its own pace and there is not much we can do but be available whenever they want.

8 - Andrew Barrington resignation from CoM

Last but not least, Andrew Barrington has resigned from the CoM.  We thank Andrew for all his efforts and wish him well.











Willsmere is located at Wiltshire Drive (access via Yarra Boulevard), Kew VIC 3101