UPDATE - 28/05/2021

Gym, Pool, Library,  Tennis Court and Function Room Closure

The Gym, Pool, Tennis Court, Library and Function Room will be closed over the covid lockdown period as per state government regulations. We apologise for the inconvenience. 

Masks are required to be worn for everyone on site over the age of 12 when outdoors.

For the most up to date details we recommend you visit the Victorian Government website and the latest announcement can be found here.


UPDATE - 12/02/2021

As most of you have probably already seen we have a new level of restrictions being implemented tonight.

For the most up to date details we recommend you visit the Victorian Government website and the latest announcement can be found here.

What this means for Willsmere is that as of tonight our pool, gym and library will be closed again.  We ask all residents to adhere to these guidlines for the benefit of all residents.

UPDATE -  19/06/2020

In line with government regulations, we will be reopening the Willsmere Gym and Library for residents.  While they will be opened, we need the help of all people using the facilities to do their part to allow this.

At all times, please be mindful of Social Distancing and use hand sanitiser where possible. Wipe down surfaces that you have come in contact with wherever possible.
The gym has a maximum occupancy of four people at any time and those people need to make sure they aren't within 1.5m of each other.  There is a booking form for the gym and you must make a booking in an availble slot to be allowed to use the gym.



This is a very difficult time for a lot of people around the world. 
We are fortunate to be going through these hard times in a location with as much open space and community spirit as Willsmere.

As a result of the latest announcement regarding mandatory shut downs, the Willsmere Pool, Gym and Function room are now closed until further notice.
To help residents cope with the quarantine, we will be keeping the library open and the door will be held open at all times so no one has to touch it.
The library is a trial. We are asking any residents using that facility to follow the standard hygene guidlines and act responsibly.  We don't want to have to close the library but will have to if guidlines are not obvserved.

At this stage, the BBQs, Lawn Bowls and Tennis Courts will remain open but we ask anyone using these facilities to clean as you go. 
We may need to close these facilities at a later date but this would only be as a last resort.

Our Facility Manager (Jay) and our cleaner (Lanka) are working hard to make sure common area surfaces are kept as clean as possible.  Lanka is doing his best to sanitise all common area door handles, etc. on an hourly basis during business hours.  Please understand that this is a mammoth task for two people to do in a complex the size of Willsmere and as a result, other items may not be cleaned as regularly as usual.  

Signs are posted around the grounds with the latest health advice and information. Please follow these as best you can and ensure that you keep your distance from other residents.

One of the most incredible things about Willsmere is our sense of family.  We need this now more than ever and it has been inspiring to see the things residents are doing to help others. 
Please continue to do so, by checking up on elderly neighbours, making sure everyone has enough supplies, offering up any spares you have but above all, practicing proper hygene precautions while around others and using common property.

Make sure to continue to check this web site for any changes to Willsmere procedures and continue to monitor the Victorian Government website for further health updates.
We will do our best to make Willsmere as safe as possible and adapt to any changes that are required and the Willsmere CoM thank you for all that you are doing.

Here is a link to information from the World Health Organisation on how you can help protect yourself against Covid-19.


Willsmere is located at Wiltshire Drive (access via Yarra Boulevard), Kew VIC 3101