UPDATE Saturday 2/5. The last update was given in person at the Community forum held a month ago. Since then, a number of experts inspected the pool and advised that the broken pipes are not essential and can be re-routed but these are the ones involved in the solar heating. Structural engineers have also been on-site and given the all clear to re-fill the pool, but then only the toddler pool will be solar heated and only the overflow will be all that heats the main pool. This is not our ideal option so we are investigating a company that can repair pipes in place without digging or major works. This involves a device that can tunnel into the collapsed pipe and repair it from the inside. This type of technology is commonly used in locations where excavation is not an option, but not so often for pool lines. We are in discussions with the pool technicians to see if this is an option.

While the pool is empty, we have had a number of residents unhappy with the sight of the muddy rainwater in the bottom of the pool so Jay has been given the all clear to buy a 'dirty' water pump and to regularly empty the residual water in the pool. The painter will come back to make the requested adjustments to the lines just before the pool is completed and refilled as it is better to make these changes just before the pool is filled.

It also turns out that our pool has extra piping for gas or electric heating but unfortuantely these are not able to be used for the solar heating due to their locations. It is good to know that in the future when our solar program is underway we do have the opportunity to have electric solar heating for the pool without any major pool work required. Electric solar works using a heat pump, similar to an air conditioner, and as a result is more efficient than other forms of powered heating. 

We have had additional difficulties arranging these works during the current lockdown. One unforeseen consequence is that while most pools around Melbourne are idle, many businesses are using this time to close off pools and make major repairs and as a result it is very hard to book pool technicians.

UPDATE Friday 28/2. Flowtech have been on-site for most of todaty and after analysing the pool have been able to determie that the two faulty pipes are in two return lines. Fortunately, these lines can be re-routed and as such we are hopeful the pool will be back in action soon.  Keep checking this page as we will post updates as soon as we get them.

UPDATE Wednesday 26/2. The company that was responsible for the recent pool maintenance will be back on site on Friday to conduct further tests.  At that time they should be able to tell us if the solution will be a simp,e one or a difficult one.  It seems there are no in betweens.  As soon as we have further information we will make sure it is relayed to the community.

UPDATE Thursday 13/2, 12pm. Simon Mills has removed part of the pool's retaining wall and excavated the earth around the middle skimmer box where Jay reported the leak. It seems Jay was correct that the break is on the pool's pressurised pvc return lines and is working with Commercial Pools and Spas on a speedy diagnosis and rectification. The pool will require a structural engineer to asses whether or not we can simply cut into the concrete and fix the pipes or if cutting the concrete will jeopardise the structural integrity of the pool walls. The pool will unfortunately be closed until further notice.

UPDATE Saturday 8/2, 2pm. The leak in the pool seems to be a failed pool pump return line. This is an educated guess based on the fact the leak stopped when the pool pumps were shut off. At this stage the pumps are off and the pool is closed until the leak is fixed.  The return lines are responsible for returning the filtered water into the pool and this water is delivered under pressure so it can make for an impressive leak. When the pumps are off there is almost no water flow so the leak is much smaller. While the filters and pumps are off, the pool has to stay closed.

There has been false information going around that the leak was because Jay hadn't turned off backwash pipes but we need to emphasise this isn't true and can easily be disproved by a number of points. 1 - the backwash function is automatic and 2 - the overflow flows safely down the drain and doesn't just flood into the ground. 

The good news is that it should be a relatively easy thing to fix and Simon Mills will be on-site early in the week to get the pool operational as soon as his team can. As usual we will post an update when we have more informaiton.


UPDATE 9pm. The water leak appears to be a broken pipe in the pool so there is no need to shut off domestic water at this stage.
The pool pumps have been shut off so the leak has slowed to almost nothing and the pool maintenance people will be on site tomorrow to fix the problem properly. As usual, there will be more updates as we get more information.


ORIGINAL ITEM. We have a water leak near the pool. The plumber has just arrived and we will have more information once he has had a chance to investigate. Please be advised that we may need to shut off water, depending on the cause of the leak.  There will be further updates as we get more information, but as a precaution it may be wise to fill your baths, washing machines, etc.


Willsmere is located at Wiltshire Drive (access via Yarra Boulevard), Kew VIC 3101