As a follow up to an email sent out last month, please be reminded that first thing tomorrow the security codes for the vehicle gates will be updated.
For secuirt yreasons, we can't publish the new codes on the website, but please talk to our Facility Manager (Jay) or your neighbours to find out the new code.

Jay will endeavor to make the change-over around midnight to minimise disruptions, but please understand that changing all the gate codes does take time.  They won't all automatically change at once.

If you are not sure how to update the codes, please contact Jay.

The previous notification email was sent to all owners and they were asked to forward the message on to their property managers/tenants where applicable.  If you did not recieve the email, as an owner, please check your details are correct with MICM.  If you are a tenant, please check with your property manager.


Willsmere is located at Wiltshire Drive (access via Yarra Boulevard), Kew VIC 3101