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Call: 000

Callers should give their address as 1 Wiltshire drive, then the apartment number.  Emergency services have procudures for accessing Willsmere linked to that address format.
Ambulance Procedure to print out

Booroondara Police: 03 8851 1111


As most Willsmere residents know, GPS has a hard time directing people to Willsmere.  We have been working on trying to rectify this for a very long time now, with limited success.
The most effective way to give directions to Willsmere is to give the address as 1 Wiltshire drive, then your number as the apratment number. This is also true for calls to 000.

Giving your address as 1 Wiltshire Drive should ensure emergency services will arrive at the main entrance, where there is a key box with gate access controls.  Detailed instructions for Willsmere, including key box codes and maps are registered with emergency services.

This system isn't perfect. We are constantly working with Emergency services to improve things and we welcome your feedback, whether it be positive or negative.
If you have an experience where Emergency services are unable to locate you, please let us know via the feedback section.  It's important you include as much detail as possible. Time and date, location, where the Emergency services arrived from and any details about what went wrong/right, etc.

We can only work to improve this with your help!

If you have an expedrience where Emergency services were unable to find your apartment or something else went wrong, it's also important to contact the emergency services themselves and give feedback. You are the best person to do this as you have the most information.  If enough feedback is recieved it will also help to improve the procedures.

Ambulance Victoria feedback page


Willsmere is located at Wiltshire Drive (access via Yarra Boulevard), Kew VIC 3101