Visitors Car Park

Please note that we are establishing new time limit parking restrictions for the Visitors Car Park.

In parking permitted areas parking will be limited to 72 hours. Visitors wishing to park for longer than this period can apply for a parking extension permit from Petar our Building Manager.

If you have visitors from afar, or need to extend parking periods you have no need to worry - we will extend your parking times - for weeks if need be.

This policy will apply to all types of vehicles, boats, caravans and trailers. Vehicles and the like who are parked for longer than 72 hours without a valid permit will be towed away.

New signs, being erected on Wednesday 25th January 2023, will clearly display where parking is and is not permitted.

All area of the Visitors Car Park that are designated no parking areas, which includes the roundabout areas in front of the property, will be towed away if found parked in these zones.

A tow away service (Anytime Towing) will commence in the Visitors car Park on Wednesday the 15th of February. The final protocol for granting extension permits will be finalised and distributed before this date.


Inside the gates (internal) Car Parking

Vehicles should only be parked in owners / tenants private vehicle bays. Vehicles parked illegally in these bays are trespassing and can towed away.  Owners / Tenants can call Anytime Towing to arrange for tow away. They must verify being an owner or a tenant.  We encourage all owners / tenants to try and determine and politely ask trespassers to move their vehicles first, but if they don’t then they have the right to request tow away.

Vehicles parked in common property areas internally will be towed away unless they have obtained a permit from Petar to park in designated areas. This will apply to trades people and the like.

The internal tow away service will commence on Wednesday the 1st of February 2023.


Willsmere is located at Wiltshire Drive (access via Yarra Boulevard), Kew VIC 3101