Update November 30.

New (north length of pool) fencing is due to be delivered on Wednesday 2/12 and work will commence to rebuild the fence on 3/12. Global shipping delays and supply issues have impacted on the availability of fencing materials. The new fencing was due to arrive many weeks ago. Our contractor, Sherwood, have also been inundated with heavy and urgent work demands following re-openings and the industry is also facing labour shortages. As the north fence is replaced / rebuilt, we will have the site inspected in order to gain our pool compliance certificate. We hope the pool can be opened as early as the end of next week. We are totally dependent on the ducks all lining up, as described above, and cannot make a watertight promise on an open date as it is beyond our control. What we can say is that the new piping and filter system is working very well. The new floodway between the toddlers and main pool will ensure the toddler pool will never flood again. We have confidence that these repairs will extend the life of the pool and that we will not have a repeat of the numerous leaks and breakdowns we have experienced in the last few years.


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THE POOL IS CLOSED AND CURRENTLY OUT OF BOUNDS. Please respect the rules and do not enter the precinct.

There are signs that say do not enter and padlocks to keep you out, but that hasn't stopped some people from breaking in and using it.

It will be ready for use in a week or two so please be patient.


Willsmere is located at Wiltshire Drive (access via Yarra Boulevard), Kew VIC 3101