Thanks to Jay's ongoing efforts, the hard rubbish collection area has become much better this year but there is still some way to go.  Over the next couple of months fencing will be installed to help improve appearance. Hard rubbish will be housed behind a picket fence alongside the western side of the maintenance shed. It will have 2 gate openings - a wide double gate at the front and a pedestrian access gate on the side.

One advantage of this new facility is that it will allow residents through fob access to put hard rubbish into designated areas inside the corral at any time of the month. A green waste corral will be located around 2 car parks in the same area. It will house and hide the bins. Both facilities will be constructed with a picket fence in the same shape and colour as is used in the townhouse backyards, albeit with narrower picket gaps.

As the project gets closer, we will provide further details as there will probably be areas that are off-limits while the work is in progress.

There have been questions in the past about why the collection site is where it is, since it is the first thing visitors see when they enter Willsmere. We have discussed this with the council and have been told this is the only site that allows adequate access for the truck but also space to load and sort the collection.

As a final reminder, there are now two rooms, one under each main tower, where charity donations can be left. Working electrical goods are also accepted so please think carefully about what is going to land fill versus what can be re-used.  A little bit of common sense can help keep Willsmere looking good while also helping reduce land fill.


Willsmere is located at Wiltshire Drive (access via Yarra Boulevard), Kew VIC 3101