Maintenance Status

Here is the current status of any maintenance issues that are taking longer than usual to fix.

Gate 1 and 4

Metro Roller Doors are aware of both situations with gate 1 damages and gate 4 failure and are in motion to rectify them ASAP.

Gate 1 has been damaged by a removalist over the late weekend with the driver running from the scene. We urge anyone that knows anything to speak to Jay Murray, the Facility Manager, immediately. This is a perfect example of why we do not allow move-ins/outs over the weekend as they're unsupervised and may cause unaccountable damages to Willsmere. 

Gate 4's hinges have worn-out and failed due to age and use. Metro Roller Doors will require a crane to lift the gate and re-weld new hinges to the fence-line and gate and will action this ASAP.

Users of the gates please be aware: the gates are all solid steel so they are a very heavy item to move in a swinging motion, and by not allowing the gates to completely close before being opened again via remote or cutting the emergency laser beam, causes them to undergo unnecessary strain by immediately halting tons of steel. Please take the extra 5 seconds to allow it to fully close. 


Willsmere is finally moving into the newer world with the connection of the high speed fibre NBN! All townhouses are 100% connected to the fibre network. The heritage wings (with current exception to the middle/central wing) are also connected. NBN, Telstra, Willsmere Management and CoM have worked very hard and drafted up a proposed means of installation of FTTB for the middle/central wing for Heritage Victoria to approve. Once this approval is achieved, the middle/central wing will also be NBN ready! Thank you for you patience while we work through this!

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool's body is shifting causing pipes to crack/leak. We are in the process of drafting potential options for the pool's future.  All the pump infrastructure is in good working order so it appears the leak is in the piping somewhere at the pool level.  If the water level drops too low the filters are not able to clean any floating items from the surface and if the level drops even lower then the filters can power down in an attempt to stop damage to the pumps. Discolouration is usually due to UV reacting with still chlorine. We are monitoring the pool and giving updates on the status of the water as this is progressing. 

BBQ near gate 1

We are trying to source a part for this BBQ.  The thermocouple is faulty.  This is the device that can tell if the flame is lit or not.  The BBQ is almost ten years old so it is taking some time to source the correct part.  Thermocouples are not a rare device, but due to the fact it is a safety feature we must use the correct part and it must be fitted by a licensed plumber.


Willsmere is located at Wiltshire Drive (access via Yarra Boulevard), Kew VIC 3101