Maintenance Status

Here is the current status of any maintenance issues that are taking longer than usual to fix.


Willsmere is finally moving into the newer world with the connection of the high speed fibre NBN! All townhouses are 100% connected to the HFC network. The heritage wings (with current exception to the middle/central wing) are also connected. NBN, Telstra, Willsmere Management and CoM have worked very hard and drafted up a proposed means of installation of FTTB for the middle/central wing for Heritage Victoria to approve. Once this approval is achieved, the middle/central wing will also be NBN ready! Thank you for you patience while we work through this!

Swimming Pool

The pool is now open! Thank you for your patience while the pool refurbishment was underway. Residents can now enjoy a freshly painted (also added lap swimming lines), LED light lit and commercial pump/dosing system monitored pool for the hot weeks ahead! 

All previous rules regarding the use of the pool still stand and residents are urged to contact the facility manager in the event of an issue. 

Happy Swimming! 

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Gate 4

The transmission on one of the control arms for gate 4 has faulted and being claimed under warranty. The warranty process is nearly complete and gate 4 will soon be 100% functional again. 

Pedestrian gate at gate 1

The internal mechanisms of the salto lock on gate 1's pedestrian access gate has failed and is being replaced by Protek Locksmiths. Replacement internal parts couldn't be sourced due to being proprietary to Salto and requiring a completely new unit that will be installed over the next few days. Until then, residents are urged to carry their Elsema gate remote or use the intercom to 'buzz' themselves in via mobile. 



Willsmere is located at Wiltshire Drive (access via Yarra Boulevard), Kew VIC 3101