Report an Issue

In the event of a leak in the roof, water pipe burst, power outage or any other maintenance issue, the resident should first call the MICM maintenance helpline.  This is a 24hr service provided by MICM who will take the details of the issue and then contact the appropriate contractor or emergency service.

For major matters requiring immediate attention, such as a main water pipe burst, MICM have trained personnel familiar with the site that can respond e.g. turn off the water main.  We all know Willsmere is a unique environment, so the MICM call centre has a full knowledge base of Willsmere tips, tricks and quirks so should be able to respond to any issues in a useful and fast manner.

MICM Maintenance Helpdesk - 1300 00 MICM (1300 00 6426)

Via internet go to MICM Owners Corporations web site and click in the red Help Desk box. See below. 

 Helpdesk image

Maintenance notification flyer

Helpdesk instruction sheet

If you need a contractor for your own apartment, the contacts section provides a list of contractors that can be called that offer a 24/7 service to residents at Willsmere.  They are able to open a Willsmere key box that gives them access to relevant areas around the complex at times when no Facility Manager is on site.


Willsmere is located at Wiltshire Drive (access via Yarra Boulevard), Kew VIC 3101